Mazda Shows Off RX-Vision Concept

At the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, Mazda has kindled the passions of long-time Mazda lovers by teasing us with a Mazdat RX-Vision concept car- complete with a rotary engine.

As with all concept cars, caution is an important keyword.  Rarely does the production car look exactly like the concept, if it ever makes it to production at all.  Then again, part of the fun of concepts is picturing yourself behind the wheel, and here Mazda has done a great job of filling our minds with possibilities. 

The interior of the car appears to be as unique as that exterior.  Here, Mazda has gone with a minimalist theme.  There are no screens, excessive buttons or unnecessary features.  Analog dials look to dominate the dashboard cluster, and while it is hard to be certain that appears to be a manual shifter.  After all, with their emphasis on the driving experience, it would be hard to imagine Mazda not offering this car without a manual transmission

As of now, the RX-Vision is simply in the concept stage, but the idea of a new Mazda RX model with a rotary engine is enough to excite the driving soul of a Mazda aficionado.

Like all prior iterations, the Mazda RX-Vision is a two-seater.  While it shares some common exterior themes with current models, it shows off a long a flowing stature.  The compact nature of the rotary engine (which is being referred to as Sky-Activ R) is what allows Mazda to keep the hood at such a low profile.

The last Mazda RX-model was the Mazda RX-8 in 2012, which many thought would be the end of the rotary engine forever.  Little did we know that the folks at Mazda never stopped working on the rotary motor, and with the unveiling of this concept car, it shows that there is a strong reason to hope for it's return. 

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